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Duncan Evans, Lain Banks - Classic Glamour Photography - Techniques of the Top Glamour Photographers

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Duncan Evans, Lain Banks - Classic Glamour Photography - Techniques of the Top G

Classic Glamour Photography is a brand new edition of the classic guide published in the 80s. Classic Glamour Photography takes readers behind the scenes to reveal the secrets of the world’s top professional glamour photographers. Through a series of major features, each devoted to the work of a single photographer, it uncovers the keys to individual approaches, styles and techniques. Its combination of authoritative in-depth analysis and vivid illustration makes it an essential purchase for all photographers, whether aspiring amateurs or seasoned professionals. he book is divided into two main sections - “Classic Photographers” and “Working Professionally”. The first section examines the work of such top professionals as Bob Carlos Clarke, Trevor Yerbury, Eric Kroll, Emma Delves-Broughton, Ben Westwood, Trevor Watson, Lucien Clergue, Jan Cobb, Patrick Lichfield, Craig Morey, Robert Farber, Char Ray Krider, Nigel Holmes and more. Each of these photographers is featured individually, with a selection of their favourite shots. The text explains their basic philosophy and approach to the subject and the technical tricks of the trade they use. The second section of the book provides the essential practical back-up to this information. There is coverage of cameras, lenses, film, accessories and digital cameras. Light and lighting, working in the studio, shooting on location and composition are discussed in detail. How to find and shoot models, using the internet, and post production work using Photoshop completes this guide to the world of professional glamour photography

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